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LinkedIn for Companies

February 20, 2012


Having had a little time on my hands, I have been doing some social media/economic development research.  What are the things we can do that don’t cost a lot of money? There are several but I started looking up Spokane County companies on on LinkedIn.  My method was not scientific, but I guess I was somewhat surprised that a large number of companies we know and love that have no LinkedIn presence or a skimpy profile that is rarely updated.  While I realize that everyone is super busy, the positive results for making LinkedIn a priority are maybe not well known enough to make the time commitment.

Itron is a great example of a LinkedIn business account that works.  Go look at their profile here.  They have recent company news added frequently and 1,848 employees who have individual profiles on LinkedIn.  Better yet, they have 3,844 followers!

With more than 100 million members at present, from every walk of life, people are beginning to use LinkedIn for business intelligence.  With many companies still not having an active account potential customers are going to hit a dead end using the company search feature.  However even if you establish and/or update your profile, many people are finding your business because of your employees and their profiles.  Imagine how many contacts those 1,848 Itron employees might have.  Businesses who have gotten active are requiring their staff who has any sort of customer contact or influence to have a LinkedIn account and to do a thorough job of creating their profile.  These companies then require staff to use a standard description of what the company does, so that every view of every individual employee profile gives the same impression and repeats the same keywords which you normally pay someone to incorporate into paid search or the company website.

Here are a few basic tips to get started.  A nice profile photo is something that is often resisted by people.  However, the photo goes to the credibility of the person and engages the viewer more than a profile without a photo.  Location (zip code) seems obvious enough but does it give the zip of the business or the employee?  Remember,  people do location searches on LinkedIn by zip.  Experience is another area where  most folks could expend some effort.  Think of the keywords again.  Recounting your experience in detail, (keywords) gives others a better chance of finding you.  the Industry category gives people fits sometimes.  Best advice I have heard to date is to see what category your competition is using.  Posting a category that reflects a future direction will not get you business now.

Knowing everyone is busy, I’ll stop for now.  I have been reading social media tips and writing about it helps me figure it out for myself.   The initial response from a few employees might cause grumbling, but most realize that the effort will be worth the potential outcomes.


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  1. Dude! Where’s you get the picture? This guy is to handsome to be you. 🙂

  2. Great start! Keep at it! You are going to be my new social media go to guy! Love it !

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