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Google’s Free Education Stuff

February 26, 2012

So am I the last one to know that Google has a ton of free education resources available to educators, parents, and organizations?  (I have no problem if you respond in the affirmative…)  Why do I find this exciting?  Because at a time when schools are cutting back, quality free resources seem like a great thing, right?

Begin looking at this plethora of possibilities by going to the main education site here.  Up front on top you see Teachers and when you click on that you’ll see:

Entire school systems and states have decided to use Google apps for staff and teachers.   And yes, I know that this is in some ways a “hook” to reel you in later, but think of all the money schools and everyone else spends trying to secure servers.  The latter is in fact supported by Geek factoids.

Did you know that Google has a Teacher’s Academy?  Lesson plans?  Really, you just have to go read for yourself.

The next section is for Organizations.  Look what they are offering to non-profits:

  • Free or discounted version of Google Apps for your organization
  • Free Adwords advertising
  • Premium branding and increased uploads on YouTube
  • Free licensing for Google Earth, SketchUp, and Maps API

You merely hit the “apply” button on the opening page and boom, you’re in!  (you did notice, “Free Adwords” right?  The section for Students is a great resource for aspiring geeks and creative kids:


I love the science fair idea soooo much.  It brings back fond memories of helping my children create heavy and hard to move projects that my ex-wife would ultimately have to drag to school…(just kidding, they were only awkward…)  In any case you get the point.  Google is trying to engage the education world in the way a younger Bill Gates did.  We’ve come a long way from the days when I used to go to my kids schools and ask why there weren’t enough computers to go around.  Now we cool free education resources and there are probably a ton more that I don’t know about.  Let’s spread the word.  Our kids and teachers need the help.


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  1. Jason Heppler permalink

    Good info Chuck

  2. Closet Geek permalink

    Dear Mr. Wannabegeek,

    This is good information and I do think yo should continue on your quest to find and report these resources. I do have a couple of suggestions;

    1. Provide a basic primer for parents or students to guide them thru their first FAFSA process.

    2. Find and report vocational educational opportunities. Many of our young people (and older ones for that matter) are not interested in an intellectual education and would greatly benefit from vocational educations.


    Closet Geek

    Hey thanks Closet Geek. I will try to address those issues at a later date.

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