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Why No Non-profit Blogs?

April 9, 2012

Today I was reading about the effectiveness of non-profit blogs. Knowing how difficult blogging is for businesses, I wondered about our local non-profits.

I randomly reviewed 27 of the larger non-profits in the Inland Northwest and found only one had a blog. The last time there was an update of that particular blog, was January 2012. One of these agencies had a broken link to their website and two do not have a website at all. Several organizations did have newsletters that were posted in February. Newsletters are hard to write.  I produced one a month for 10 years during my time as executive director of a non-profit.  Eight pages of content including current issues do not come easy. Blogging, on the other hand allows for the creation of timely public awareness and if necessary, a call to action.  With the right mindset, they can also be fun to write!

Maybe the reason is the same reason that small business avoids blogging. Successful entrepreneurs do not necessarily see themselves as good a writers. Additionally, they may feel they have many other responsibilities that are more important than publicizing their expertise and their concerns.  Non-profits are squeezed for time as well, worse than business in many cases.   There may also be the perception that a blog self-promoting. They certainly can be, but the most successful ones talk extensively about a wide range of issues and individuals.

So what are some of the real benefits to non-profits that blog?

  • You don’t need a geek to post a blog, making it very timely.
  • You can summarize and point to other content on the web that is relevant to your readers.
  • You can create widely accepted calls for action (non-political and friendly).
  • You can support other organizations and encourage networking.
  • You can invite guest bloggers to write on important topics.
  • You can more easily recognize your supporters.
  • Blogging greatly assists with your Google ranking.

There are some terrific resources that offer more in-depth advice:

I would sure like to know if there are additional reasons why non-profits don’t blog.  The latter is a powerful tool and with funding being the way it is, blogging seems like a good strategy at this moment.  For more inspiration, go to Greater Spokane’s (the Spokane Chamber) website and find some creative and wild blogging at LaunchpadINW, the collaboration center of the Spokane universe.


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  1. Awesome and timely advice Mr. Teegarden!

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