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Time for HR Avatars?

July 27, 2014

Human Resources has become a complicated and clogged world for most companies. Many advertise for weeks to find the right people to interview and then advertise some more. Applicants spend hours trying to guess all the appropriate keywords as they create “targeted” resumes. The initial screening by some low level software for keywords works well in resumes loaded with keywords perhaps, but then you meet the person and you go back to square one. Meanwhile, your software has probably thrown out some pretty good candidates.

I would propose to replace this antiquated system with an HR Avatar that “talks” to potential candidates. Now don’t waste your time trying to find this one online. It doesn’t exist. There are a few companies that have “Avatar” in their names.  The number one website that pops up is  Avatar Solutions, but the majority of it has to do with surveys and simple stuff like that.

The way this could work would be to have applicants submit verified information about their education and experience. This would require a “middleman” who would be paid one time by the applicant to contact schools and past employers.  Another business opportunity for someone!  This takes the financial burden off the employer and gives applicants more incentive to be truthful.  Then the applicant’s data would be accessible by any employer authorized by the employee to do so. Once that basic data is received by the employer, the applicant may proceed to an interview.

The Avatar could “interview” potential candidates using an algorithm consisting primarily of yes and no questions and perhaps numbers. The Avatar could also make some “judgments” about the veracity of the information by funneling the responses into a voice stress analyzer. Yes, nervous people would have to practice being calm, but this approach is clearly more valuable than looking for keywords!

America, there are thousands of jobs that are not being filled because of fear and lack of resources. This sort of technology would provide the economy with a major boost. If someone thinks this Avatar already exists, please post a link and I’ll promote it.

Meanwhile my brain is filled with more Avatar ideas. I just need to stop thinking about those blue people in the jungle!


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  1. I think it could be a great idea!

  2. NextIT,, located in Spokane, has developed online avatars for several industries.

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