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Toothless, LinkedOut, and Karma

July 31, 2014

Sometimes small vortexes of dumb things take place simultaneously, causing one to wonder why the universe is so displeased! I always admire Job for not cursing God as God and the Devil played out their bet on whether Job would crack under the strain.

People get laid off. I got laid off. My second time. No problem, I’ll just power up my LinkedIn profile and jobs will fall from the heavens! Bought the premium version so I know exactly what I’m talking about. In my mind’s eye, I see employers lined up begging for resumes!

So in trying to experiment with different captions to appear prosperous, yet interested in opportunities, I changed my title on my profile. I did not contemplate that LinkedIn would tell my connections I have a new job, which undermines my efforts to find a new job! Feeling somewhat disenfranchised, I developed the term, “LinkedOut.” Now I imagined employers turning away saying well that guy doesn’t need a job anymore!

Despite a post trying to explain what happened, the congratulations and well wishes continue to keep pouring in. Not a person who is easily embarrassed, I find myself slumping down in my chair when I receive one more upbeat note for being a successful job hunter. I am in a quandary as to how to proceed from here. Everyone is so busy, that having an exchange about this miscalculation seems impossible. So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just move on, when suddenly…last night…

I bite into a salmon slider at my favorite restaurant, at a table full of friends and my brand new front cap breaks off! As I retrieve the lightweight structurally insufficient piece of tooth in an establishment full of people, I ask Karma, “What is the meaning of this? I’m out of work and now you play this trick on me?” I am appalled at the conspiracy that is taking place around me…

In the midst of imagining a job interview with a scraggly front tooth, I hear back from Karma, “Take this as a good sign. I have humbled you and now you will get a job.” And I think there might be something to that. When you think you can control the universe, it usually means that you need to be reminded about how little control you have, (at least in my case). If you hear from Karma, please let her/him know I’m fully aware that I’m a speck in the cosmos and am now ready to go back to work!


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  1. Thanks for the good read and reminder about being humble….What type of job are you most interested in?

    We are not in control of life-our thoughts about what happens, yes, yet sometimes things just happen, like your tooth….

    A good laugh or good cry is often helpful 🙂

  2. I am most interested in a position where I can use my skills of facilitation and problem solving. I am a great public speaker and enjoy large and small groups. I think I would make a good mediator, but there doesn’t seem to be much demand out there.

  3. I will keep this in mind….since I am self employed I mostly work and network with entrepreneurs yet opportunities are all around….Are you certified as a mediator?

    • Valerie,

      I am not certified as anything! I am thinking about your self employment suggestion however…and I might do some pro bono work if you have a worthy candidate!

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