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Kudos to Comcast!

August 29, 2014

Like most people, I’m not naturally a fan of large corporations. However, I had a crazy experience with Comcast the other day that I just have to share. I called to change my plan around because guys looking for work don’t need all the crazy channels and small business internet speed. Saving a few bucks while looking for work seems rational, right? So this was my conversation:

“This is Kyle, how can I help you?”

“I need to reduce my monthly fees Kyle, can you help me out with that?”

“Yes sir. May I ask why?” he said politely, inadvertently poking my pride…

“Sure, I got laid off from my job,” I responded somewhat suspiciously.

“Well that happened to me last year, so I understand about reducing expenses,” he replied. “It took me four months to find a job. I’m 42, so I’m sort of old in the job market. So we’re going to reduce your bill for one year and it will only go back up $20 in year two. Plus we’ll send you out an upgraded modem and wireless router at no charge.”

“That helps quite a lot and I’m 61, so I’m not sure what the implications of your story are for me,” I said while thinking I can still watch Oregon State’s football team bumble around on the Pac 12 channel.

“And sir, if you have any customer service experience you might want to think about a career with Comcast! It’s a great place to work!”

“Are you serious?” I shot back at him. He’s lowering my bill and offering encouragement simultaneously?

“Yes sir. At Comcast there is a lot of opportunity and we need experienced people. There is a lot of team building and people love working here. If you express an interest, someone from the company will get in touch with you.”

Consider that Comcast has an incredible history. They started in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963 with 1200 subscribers. After multiple expansions, they now have 126,000 employees across the globe. On any given day they have 2,000 openings…

As I hung up the phone, I thought I must be hallucinating. Comcast must be training the heck out of their people. So I submitted my profile and someone emailed me the same day, offering assistance, etc. The latter is way more of a response than the dozens of other places I’ve sent applications and resumes and God knows all other kinds of stuff…

So remember no matter the reason for your call, you at least are going to get someone pleasant to speak with! Good for you Comcast! You are a role model! Seriously!


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